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The innovative American economy is one of the defining successes of our nation. We need to ensure that its success benefits all Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania is the cradle of American democracy.  It also has a storied place in the economic history of our nation.  Whether whiskey, oil, railroads, coal, natural gas, medicine, or high-tech, Pennsylvania has made its mark on the world.  Our region was known for its industry, it is now known for its innovation.  It's can-do attitude that shaped a physical frontier now shapes frontiers our founders never imagined.

The renaissance of Western Pennsylvania has had its challenges.  Economic shifts have disrupted generations of our fellow citizens.  The diaspora from Pittsburgh can be seen in Steelers Bars and waving terrible towels in sports arenas around the world.

But we move forward.  We are the doers, the dreamers, those that dig in and make things happen.  We know what our region has done, but more importantly, we know what more we can accomplish.   

As we move further into the 21st Century, we have to constantly strive to support business creation that will sustain our region, that will create new opportunities, and attract the next generation of Pennsylvanians to create the future with us.

It is not enough to say we want economic success, we must work for it.  We must build the economic backbone of the Commonwealth in order to attract the next generation of businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs while ensuring that there are good-paying jobs that provide a strong living wage for all of our residents. 

Tax breaks for private industry aren't the solution.  They create an uneven playing field that unfairly picks winners and losers and forces taxpayers to subsidize private investment. Instead, government should be investing in infrastructure and education to provide sound building blocks of economic success.  

Economic vitality doesn't happen overnight.  It is a long deliberative process that requires a consistent focus and discipline. It requires government to not simply offer tax breaks but also to perform its role efficiently and effectively, while not overstepping into areas where the private market is more equipped to act and bring solutions.

By focusing on providing strong educational opportunities and a healthy environment for our residents and modern infrastructure for our businesses, Pennsylvanians can compete with anyone in the world.


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