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A commitment to public education is a commitment to our children, our communities, and the future of our nation.

The public education system is where future generations of Americans are provided with the tools that they need to be well-informed citizens and competitive in a global economy.  But the public education system is more than that.  Schools are a bedrock of our communities.  They intrinsically bring people together in the shared journey of raising our children. They create shared bonds that take towns and turn them into communities.  Where you see a strong commitment to public education, you see strong communities, growing home values, and opportunities for the next generation.

The Pittsburgh region shows what the commitment to public education can create, but it also shows what can happen when we don't support our at-risk communities.  We need educated citizens to move our nation forward whether economically, civically, culturally, or militarily.  Each young person represents the hope of our Commonwealth and we must be committed to investing in their futures.  When one fails, we all fail.  When one succeeds, we all succeed. This is not an investment in someone else's child, this is an investment in the future for all of our children.

Andrew's commitment to the public education system is not only because it creates strong citizens, it creates strong communities.  To what more important thing could we aspire?


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