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Meet Andrew


Andrew Flynn knows firsthand that it takes strong leadership to stand up for what's right and to ensure that local government is meeting the needs of the 21st Century.

Andrew's career had taken him across the United States before BNY Mellon brought him to the Pittsburgh region to be the Chief Administrative Officer for Public Finance and a member of the BNY Mellon Pennsylvania Executive Team in 2010.  

With a rich and varied background, Andrew brings a unique talent to office.  As the son of two Army officers, Andrew grew up on military posts around the world where he learned firsthand what it meant to serve. After retiring from the Army, his father had a long career as a City Manager and Finance Director where Andrew developed a passion for building strong communities and learned the importance of a robust financial plan.  He has lived in Wyoming where he worked as a cowboy, lived in Ohio and Russia during university, and has had a long career that has taken him around the United States and the world where he has worked at the intersection between government, finance, and technology to build sustainable and fiscally strong communities.

Uptown Mt. Lebanon full of people

Since being elected to the Mt. Lebanon Commission in 2020, Andrew has been actively working to ensure that the essential services that local government provides continue through the pandemic.  He has been instrumental in pushing forward critical climate initiatives, improving walkability, and refocusing government and community efforts on strategic issues that will impact the community long into the future.


He has actively supported many community groups while in office including the Mt. Lebanon Partnership, LeboGreen, and LeboPride as they strive to build a more vibrant and sustainable community that is welcoming to everyone.

Andrew was elected to be the Chair of The Congress of Neighboring Communities which brings together 41 municipalities, Allegheny County, and the City of Pittsburgh to address challenges that cross municipal boundaries including preparing for the future of fire services, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), Regional Climate Action Planning, and building more robust communication tools for local governments to better engage residents.

Whether the challenge is addressing increased stormwater runoff, bringing innovative solutions to important infrastructure funding, developing new solutions to push forward climate programs, or developing new programs to more effectively and efficiently provide public services in our region, Andrew is working at the forefront of building a more dynamic future for the Southwest Pennsylvania region.

Married in 2002, Andrew and his wife Corey have three children and two dogs.

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