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Statement at Mt Lebanon, PA Reorganization Meeting

Mt Lebanon, Pennsylvania - January 4, 2022. Andrew Flynn, the incoming Commission President of Mt Lebanon, Pennsylvania made remarks during the reorganization meeting today. The full transcript follows.

Thank you for the honor of being elected as President of the Commission. This comes at a transformational point for our community and I take the responsibility of leading the Commission as we do this important work very seriously.

As we continue to address the challenges of COVID, continue to strive to improve our community through increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and continue the effort to reinvigorate Uptown with the Vibrant Uptown project, we also have to recognize that Mt Lebanon is continuing to change and the solutions that were perfect before, may not be the best solutions for the future of our community.

The Commissioners, as elected representatives of Mt Lebanon, have a unique responsibility to embrace the community we are while also setting our eyes to the future and guiding the strategic efforts of the municipality to ensure that Mt Lebanon continues to be the vibrant community that we all love.

This is a daunting task but one that I firmly believe that this Commission is ideally suited to accomplish. Each of the Commissioners brings a unique perspective and robust talent to the table. You are passionate and intelligent and care deeply for Mt. Lebanon and I look forward to working with each of you to help build the future of our community.

However, this is not a sprint of individuals but a team relay. As I take up the role of President, Commissioner Ranney sets it down. Commissioner Ranney has brought her heart to the role and led the Commission exceptionally well during a very turbulent period. On behalf of the whole Commission, I want to sincerely thank Commissioner Ranney for her service and the many accomplishments that she helped the municipality usher in this last year.



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